yth.revival is an annual Christian youth gathering for 11-18 year olds from churches and youth organisations everywhere.  It is open to everyone and is run by the Ground Level Network.

yth.revival is about reaching a generation with the message of Jesus, to see a generation on fire for Jesus and take that back into the local churches.

Outside of the main meetings there’s load of time for the young people to hang out with their friends and make some new ones.  They can choose to go along to seminars which cover lots of different topics relating to how young people live out their faith as well as other activities such as sports, music, films, big inflatables and other fun activities that are going on late into the evening!


yth.revival is held at IKON Church, Chesterfield starting on the 18th August 2022. We’ll gather for our first meeting at approx. 7pm that evening, so it’s best to arrive earlier in the afternoon to get your youth group registered. Registration will be open from 14:00

The last evening meeting is on the evening of 20th August at approximately 9pm.


£30 per person

If you book 9 tickets you get the 10th free.

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange booking in or do via the website.

If you are looking to book a large group then please email above.

Included in the price:

The price includes entry into the event and all the main meetings, seminars, sports, films, activities and any other goings on around the site.

There will be food vans & cafes where you can buy drinks and any snacks you fancy! There will also be merch that you and your young people may wish to purchase.

The things you will need to arrange yourself are your transport to and from the event as well as your accomodation and your food. There are many food outlets and supermarkets close to IKON Church.


Head to our website and select Book Now. This will take you through to the ticketing system. From there you can book in. 

Adding Bookings

To add any bookings please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can my group pay by BACS/ instalment payments?

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be able to sort this out



For each ticket holder we will ask for a full name, address and date of birth, emergency contact, and for any medical/ access requirements. We do not need any other information but here are some things we ask you to arrange for yourselves:

DBS for your leaders

Your young people are your responsibility throughout yth.revival. We maintain a safeguarding policy of 1:6 (one 18+ for every six young people under 18’s).

All of your leaders will need DBS certificates. We don’t need to see those but ask that you check them all before departure.

Risk assessment

You may be asked to carry out a risk assessment. This is common for social services if you’re bringing someone in your youth group currently in foster care. We can’t provide a risk assessment for you, but you can find useful guidance in assessing health and safety risks on the HSE website:

Contact info

You (the Group Coordinator) are the person we will contact in an emergency. However, we suggest you collate a list of the young people’s emergency contact details and store them somewhere safe so you can contact their parents/carers if needed. It’s wise to keep a printed list of mobile numbers in your group in case your phone battery dies.

Medical or allergy information

Although we have a first aid team onsite, any ongoing medical treatment (such as allergy tablets) can be administered by you, as well as basics like plasters and painkillers. We suggest you note down any allergies or medicines taken in case of emergency. The first aid team would be happy to store any medicine for you in their fridge, if that’s required. Please pop into first aid at the start of the week and let them know about any potential health problems in your group so they can be prepared.


There are many food outlets and supermarkets close to IKON Church and we are hoping to have some food vans etc... available on site.

Throughout yth.revival the Group Coordinator or a nominated leader needs to be responsible for food safety. This includes storing food at the correct temperature, probing food to make sure it is thoroughly cooked and ensuring that leftovers are disposed of properly.


Main meetings

The main meetings begin on Thursday evening. Every morning and evening we come together in our main meetings to have fun, worship Jesus, hear some great teaching from the Bible and encounter God and his presence.


Worship is a key part of our faith and is central to all that we do at yth.revival. 


During each meeting, we make time to look at God’s word together and hear from a speaker who will help us apply what we read in the Bible to the things that are happening in our lives and in the world around us. 


There will be moments of prayer, responding to God and encountering the Holy Spirit. These times will be stage lead and will always be talked through, so that there is a clear understanding of what is happening.


Every day we have a jam-packed schedule of seminars. These are focused on a particular topic, covering all sorts of subjects such as praying for people, worship, reading the Bible, mission, being bold, and being set free from pain. Feel free to head along to as many of these as you like and encourage your young people to do the same.

Some groups gather together each morning and look at what seminars are coming up that day. People are often more motivated to go when they know others are going too and it might be that you/some of your leaders can take groups to seminars you think would be of particular interest.

Afternoons & evenings

As well as seminars, there is a tonne of other stuff going on to fill the afternoons and evenings. We have cafés, sports venues, fun activities and a whole range of seminars that you and your young people can attend.

We really encourage you and your young people to get as involved as you can whilst at yth.revival. Engage in the worship, take notes during the talks, go along to seminars, make friends and pray for people. If there is anything you are not sure about or think we could do better, then come to Info and let us know - we would love to know what you think!

It’s always wise to plan some time out for yourself and your other group leaders each day. Check in on each other and try and have coffee together to keep a sense of team spirit – whilst it can be exhilarating seeing young people meet with Jesus, it can also be exhausting being surrounded by teenagers for three days!


Access to venues

The main venue and other venues have level access. Wheelchair users and visually impaired delegates can enter the main venue five minutes before other delegates. Please ask a member of the host team for access when you arrive at the venue.


yth.revival is held at IKON Church in Chesterfield.

The address for IKON Church is:

IKON Church
Britannia Road
S40 2TZ

We are unable to provide any transport, so you’ll need to arrange your own travel to and from the event.

Travel by Car

Located 10 mins from junction 29 of the M1.

Travel by Train

Chesterfield has it's own train station. The station is a five-minute taxi drive away, there is no direct bus route. For more information of train times and costs please go to


Most of our team will be staying at hotels or campsites around Chesterfield. Delegates are very welcome to stay in hotels, hostels, Airbnb's and travel to the venue each day.

You are responsible for booking your own accomodation.



  • Opens Thursday 18th August 2pm


  • Starts Thursday 18th August 7pm


Saturday 20th August approximately 9pm

When you arrive, you can drive your car or minibus parking will be available. Please be aware that it is a working industrial site, so some areas of the site are not accessible by larger vehicles such as coaches or vans. If you are arriving by coach please notify us.

Onsite Deliveries

If you’re arranging to have a food delivery or anything else delivered to the site, please arrange delivery times so you’ll be on site to receive the items.


First Aid 

We have a first aid team during the day.

Any ongoing medical treatment (such as allergy tablets) can be administered by you, as well as basics like plasters and painkillers. We suggest you note down any allergies or medicines taken in case of emergency.


In an emergency

We will provide First Aid cover on site. And, of course, we make sure all sporting activities are carefully supervised with appropriate safety equipment - we complete full risk assessments for every area of yth.revival.

We will have an info point where we will be able to assist in any circumstance.

Child protection

We have a dedicated Safeguarding Coordinator on site, whose role is to be available for advice, both for young people, their supervising adults and event servers. Every team member must provide a reference of their suitability to serve from their church leader.

Phone charging

Phone charging points can be found in the venue and will be available when they are open.

Getting cash

We suggest you and your young people bring some cash with you. There are no cash points on site. The closest cash points are a short drive away or 10 minute walk away.

Photographers & Videographers 

We have photographers and videographers wandering around taking pictures and video for future publicity. They will be wearing an ‘Photographer’ or ‘Media’ badge for identification. Please be assured that any video shot during ministry times will be handled with the greatest sensitivity in order to respect everyone’s privacy. By attending yth.revival, delegates agree that their image may be captured and used by yth.revival and Ground Level. This may be in photographs or other digital media and may be used for promotional materials or other information which we produce.

Delegates can opt out of this by speaking to the photographer or asking us to remove their image by contacting the yth.revival media team during or after the event via our website


Saturday 20th August is a full day, with all the usual meetings, seminars, cafes and evening entertainment. The last meeting will finish at approximately 9pm. 

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